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How To Choose The Right Bedroom Lighting

How To Choose The Right Bedroom Lighting

Whether you have a small sleeping alcove or a master suite, you probably use the space for more than a nap. What do you think of dark rooms? Most certainly, they are good for sleeping. However, by adding a little more light through the right bedroom lamp, you will be able to add some extra activities in there.

The variations for the base lighting are manifold and they vary from “basic” to very bold. They can appear both very subdued and really dramatic.

The bedroom should be one thing above all: cozy and relaxing. Because it’s here that we want to feel especially comfortable – to come to rest and recover from everyday life. The easiest way to achieve this is with atmospheric light. We show you how the right bedroom lighting can make you feel comfortable in no time at all.

Tips for planning your ideal bedroom lighting

First the work, then the pleasure – this also applies to the planning of lighting in the bedroom. Because before it comes to choosing stylish bedroom lights, you need to plan how many light sources you need for ideal illumination.

Tips for planning your ideal bedroom lighting

  • Consider the size of the room. For every ten square feet of living space, you should count on one to two light sources – depending on how your bedroom is cut.
  • Consider the activities for which you need light in the bedroom. Do you have a reading corner, a working or dressing area? Then you should always plan for direct light sources that illuminate these areas accordingly. Above the bed and sitting areas, soft, dimmable light that is diffused is sufficient.
  • Make sure that there are suitable light outlets or sockets in the right places for your desired bedroom lamps.
  • Are there still dark corners? Then plan for mobile lights.

Everything planned? Then start with the basic lighting in the bedroom.

Basic lighting in the bedroom

In any case, the heart of the bedroom lighting is the ceiling lamp. It distributes the light evenly in the room and illuminates it. Do you have high ceilings? Then choose a pendant light as an eye-catcher. For lower ceilings, we recommend lights that you can attach directly to the ceiling in the bedroom – otherwise only a limited area will be illuminated. Especially important for a cozy lighting in the bedroom: a diffuser that gently diffuses the light evenly.

Setting accents with wall and table lamps

Once the basic lighting in the bedroom has been provided, it’s time for accent lighting, which not only illuminates specific areas, but also creates a special atmosphere when switched on individually. A must in the bedroom: small lamps on the headboard of the bed. Whether table or wall lamp – this way you accentuate the sleeping area and have enough light for reading and going to bed.

Setting accents with wall and table lamps

Create coziness with indirect lighting

It becomes really cozy with indirect lighting in the bedroom. The best way to do this is simply to use energy-saving LED strips that you can install under or behind shelves, cabinets or the bed. But also wall lights with screens provide wonderful indirect lighting in the bedroom.

The ideal light color for the sleeping area

Once the lamps in the bedroom have been selected, the question arises: which light color is best for sleeping? As a general rule, yellow light is relaxing. So in the bedroom, always choose warm white light bulbs with values of 2,600 to 2,800 Kelvin. This is because yellow light imitates sunlight and thus makes the process of falling asleep and waking up more pleasant.

Create light zones: Reading and dressing

Two areas of the bedroom in particular often need extra light. This is where zone lighting comes into play. On the one hand, there should be additional lighting in the bedroom near the closet, and on the other hand, you should also provide enough light for reading next to the bed.

Create light zones for reading and dressing

For example, a floor lamp in a corner between the mirror and the closet would be conceivable, so that a critical last look at the outfit can be taken in the morning.

Unfortunately, it is often dark and confusing, especially in the closet. A remedy for this is spotlights mounted on rail systems above the wardrobe or furniture lights that are mounted directly in your piece of furniture.

For reading, we recommend table lamps, which, when placed on the bedside table, are not only a source of light but also a beautiful decorative object. If you have limited space next to your bed, wall reading lamps are a practical alternative, as they can be mounted directly on the wall. Conveniently, many of the wall lamps offer a storage surface, making a bedside cabinet unnecessary.

Which Ceiling Light Should you Choose for the Bedroom?

We have a wide selection of ceiling lights for your bedroom, but which one should you choose? If you want your bedroom to be a bit romantic, then a cozy ceiling light is the right choice.

Pendant lamps not only come in a wide variety of designs, but also ensure that the light is evenly distributed in the bedroom. Since pendant lights can be placed at different heights on the ceiling due to their adjustable length, they are suitable for both large and small bedrooms with a low ceiling.

Choose an interesting color or an unusual design to add coziness and charm to your bedroom with a pendant lamp. The most suitable are pendant lamps with a translucent shade.

How to find the perfect chandelier as a bedroom lamp?

How to find the perfect chandelier as a bedroom lamp?

To give your bedroom a real wow factor, opt for a chandelier. Whether it’s traditional with crystals or a more modern design, a chandelier frames your bed perfectly and creates a beautiful focal point in the room. Especially in larger bedrooms with a high ceiling, this type of overhead lighting can cleverly add some glamour and elegance to any room. To keep the chandelier from making your bedroom seem narrower, never hang it directly above the bed, but preferably in the center of the room.

Ceiling fans with dimmable lights

Especially in the warm summer months, ceiling fans offer the perfect blend of cool air and pleasant light. Depending on the design, ceiling fans can adapt to a classic country style or elegantly modern look in the bedroom. To help you relax in the evening and sleep peacefully at night, you should choose a ceiling fan with dimmable light as well as a maximum volume of up to 40 decibels.

Indirect lighting in the bedroom

Indirect light is perceived by many people as particularly cozy. Therefore, it is not surprising that many pieces of furniture and especially beds already come with built-in LED lighting and thus bring their own light into your bedroom.

But even a bed without integrated lighting can be retrofitted with self-adhesive LED strips and thus become the highlight of your bedroom. Of course, the strips can also be attached optionally under other furniture. The indirect lighting makes it look as if your bedroom furniture is floating gently above the floor.

Wall lights for the bedroom

To avoid cluttering your nightstand, wall sconces are also a great space-saving alternative. Depending on the design, wall sconces can not only provide soft, indirect lighting, but also create a harmonious setting to the left and right of your bed. By the way, wall sconces with an adjustable arm are best, so you can focus the light beam on any corner of the room if you wish.

Wall lights for the bedroom

Important: To avoid being dazzled by the light beam in the evening, you should never install the sconce at eye level. For a pleasant and indirect light, you should install the wall lamps about 20 inches above the headrest of your bed.

What light bulbs you should choose for your bedroom

As mentioned above, it is worth buying lamps with tunable white function, so that your lamps will help you fall asleep and get up. For romantic moments, you should also pay attention to the dimmability of the lamp. Lamps with a 3-step dim function are particularly practical, as they allow you to choose between three brightness levels with a standard wall switch, depending on your mood.

Apart from the additional functions, however, the technology underlying the illuminants also plays a role. Here, you should definitely go for LED. With a service life of more than 10,000 hours, modern LED lamps are not only extremely durable, but also easy on both the environment and your wallet thanks to their very low energy consumption.

Want to learn more about the proper use of bedroom lamps? Here are a few tips from the American Lighting Association (ALA).

  • Deal consciously with the different sizes
    The step you need to take before buying lighting is to determine the size of the room. Measure it and take the data with you when you go shopping. This will help the experts to pick the lamps that are just right for you.
  • Determine the ceiling height
    Bedrooms are usually not very high. Furthermore, here you usually need light for reading. Therefore, the high lamps are not necessarily the right thing here. Also remember to have enough light for moving.
  • Create light zones
    First decide what exactly you want to do in the bedroom, and then proceed to the selection of lamps. Home computers, sewing machines and reading tables each need lighting of different types. The seating areas need soft lampshades with soft light. The dressing tables, on the other hand, need brighter ones.
  • The Perfect Table Lamps
    If you buy a table lamp for your bedroom, then look for a variant that shows a slightly diffused shape. Try it out to see if it turns on and off comfortably enough. It should be a convenient action, not an annoying one, when you are lying in bed. Avoid lampshades or fixtures which are too lightproof. Otherwise, your bedroom will be way too dark. Such lighting may look cozy, but it is anything but functional.
  • Installation location
    Do not install bedroom lamps directly above the bed. You instinctively look at them when you are in bed. The direct light from above is not as comfortable as this at the level of your head.
  • More is more
    No single bedroom lamp can be as pleasant as the combination of table lamps and permanently installed ones. Too much light in one place is unpleasant and glaring, experts think.

Final Advice on Choosing The Right Bedroom Lighting

  1. Provide adequate ambient lighting and create light zones around the mirror and closet, as well as next to the bed for reading. Accent lighting with indirect light will round out your bedroom lighting.
  2. At best, choose lamps for the bedroom that can provide the entire range between warm white (approx. 3,000 Kelvin) and daylight white light (approx. 5,300 Kelvin). This way, your lighting has a positive effect on your body when you get up and go to sleep.
  3. If you wish, you can easily connect intelligent smart lamps to an existing smart home system and thus make your lighting smart retroactively.

Provide darkness for a restful night

A nice mix of different light sources will make your bedroom glow, but especially at night you need the exact opposite. In order for you to fall asleep relaxed in the evening, complete darkness is important. This allows your body to switch to sleep mode and increase melatonin production. Bright lights, on the other hand, can only negatively affect healthy sleep. So remember to cover natural light sources like windows with thick curtains or dark blinds to sleep in peace.

How To Choose The Right Bedroom Lighting

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